It all started off from a chat pop up on the right hand side of my computer screen. My friend Joydeep had just invited me to Kolkata for a trip. I, being free, immediately planned for a quick 2-day getaway with another of my friend Anshuman Panda, and the next thing I know was that we were on the train to Howrah, the main station of Kolkata. We arrived in Kolkata around 10pm, and settled down to have dinner. We planned out the schedule for the next day. The first half of the itinerary was in the day when Joydeep wasn’t available yet he gave us the perfect guidance for a half day city tour of the city of Joy. We went to Victoria Memorial, Birla Planetarium, Nakhoda Masjid, Birla Temple, Kalighat Temple, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. For lunch we stopped at Oudh 1590 which gave us a different kind of experience. It was like Lucknow in Kolkata. All this was followed by a visit to Fancy Market, apparently the Chor Bazaaar of Kolkata. This is something, I tell you. After an exhausting trip we retired to our room, freshened up, and began the next leg of the city tour. This time Joydeep and one of his friend, Sarfaraz, was in our gang. We started off with Tibetan Dinner. Following the dinner we went on a drive through the roads of Kolkata, namely the iconic Park Street, Red Road, and the beautiful Princep Ghat. Also, special mention to Icy Fusion, for the lovely ice creams which we had at 1 in the night! Although planned hastily, this trip was a memorable journey. Will wait for you, Joydeep, to come back so that we can come again and have a blast many more times! Thank you Joydeep.

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