My name is Pramod Saha,
I’m a photographer.

Photography is not just an art for me, but it is a passion and a medium where I rediscover myself – my inner being. My pictures give expression to my thoughts and feelings. Each picture is carefully selected, developed and given life so as to speak for itself. I am sure you will enjoy seeing these pictures. Thank you for visiting my page.

I am Pramod Saha a professional filmmaker with 6 years of experience; avid photographer; Alumnus XIC; taught courses on Photography, Cinematography,   Video Editing and filmmaking for  UG and PG students from School of Communications, XIM University, Bhubaneswar for the last one year and six months. Currently, I am doing my master in Journalism and mass communication from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar and also working as a freelance filmmaker.  I also did my Post Graduation Diploma from Xavier Institute of Communication (XIC) in Film and Television Production. After the completion of my post-graduation, I started working in different media production industries in different parts of India. I started my career as a freelance photographer/cinematographer for many companies and production houses, then I worked as a producer for Raasta Studios in Hyderabad. The transition from photography to cinematography, and then as a producer was very natural to me. It happened as an application of photography.  I have led many projects for many big companies 

With a wide range of experience in the industry, I have learnt how to handle various shoots in various scenarios. I have a tremendous passion for photography and have a good knowledge of photography, cinematography. I love teaching the same to others.


Work experience as a Freelance  Filmmaker: Feb 2021 to present


  • Janvikas, Ahmedabad

– Promotional Video

– Coffee Table Book

  • XITE College ( A unit of Xavier Colleges)

– Promotional Video


Work experience in School of Communications, XIM University, Bhubaneswar as a Production Assistant: Jul 2019 to Jan 2021

Teaching Experience 

For Post Graduate Student

Courses Teaching

  • Digital Filmmmaking
  • Digital Photography
  • Digital Cinematography

For Under Graduate Student

Courses Teaching

  • Digital Photography
  • Digital Video Editing

Projects Guided on Photography  for UG and PG Students:

68 Photography Coffee-Table Books (60 pages each)

Projects Guided on Cinematography  for PG Students:

5 short promotional videos (2-3 Mins)

Projects Guided on Video editing   for UG Students:

20 promotional videos for School (2-3 Mins)

Production  Work

Promotional video For XIM University

Promotional video for School of Communications

Promotional slideshow video for XIM University

XIM University facility promotional video

Many event glimpses videos

Covered many events for the school and the University  as a photographer


Work experience in industry as a Producer/ DIRECTOR (RAASTA STUDIOS) : June 2019 to Nov 2017

Project Lead/Director:

Theatre screening

  • IKEA-Documented & Promotional film for theatre screening
  • Hyderabad 10k Run– Promotional film for theatre screening

International Companies

  • IKEA– Promotional / Documentation Film
  • Microsoft– Promotional Film
  • International Blockchain Congress– Corporate Film
  • Slush– Promotional Film
  • Facebook– Promotional Film
  • Unity– Promotional Fil


National Companies

    • Teach for India– Documented Film
    • Maker Faire– Corporate Film
    • MapmyGenome– Ad Film
    • Mytrah– Documentary
    • Shutter Gears– Promotional Film
    • Telangana Hub– Promotional projects
    • Hero Motocorp– Promotional Film
    • HSBC– Promotional Film
    • OTIS-Promotional Film
    • ïRich Foundation-Promotional Film
    • IIIT- Promotional Film
    • ISB-Promotional Film
    • Thermax- Promotional Film
    • UTS- Promotional Film

      Mentor/Trainer for Raasta Studio

Work experience in Industry as a cinematographer

  • FREELANCING AS A CINEMATOGRAPHER (June 2015 – November 2016)
    • Crackpot Productions


GARNISH AND SAVOUR- FOOD COMPANY: Garnish and Savour- Kitten and Puppy Films

(RAASTA STUDIOS) – HYDERABAD: June 2019 to Nov 2017

    • Cinematograher:
      • TCS- Corporate Film
      • HIL- Corporate Film
      • IKEA- Corporate Film
      • Hysea- Corporate Film
      • BIo Asia- Corporate Film
      • Teach For India- Documentary Film
      • Thub- Corporate Films

College Projects/ Internship – Xavier Institute of Communications

  • DOCUMENTARY- Director/ Cinematographer
    • Prastara Manaba (Man of Stone), a documentary on the ban on mining and its effect on the labor population of Nilgiri, Balasore, Odisha.
    • “SHAME”, a short-film on the story of a witness of a murder
    • “Kashmakash” , a short film.
    • “HUMAN TRAFFICKING”, a short-documentary for News Feature, which also won the award for the best documentary in a documentary film festival in Hyderabad.
    • “ THIRST”, drama (camera person, set designer)
    • “GAME OF LUCK”, game-show (cameraperson)
    • “SNOOKER WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP” , (Asst. to cameraperson under Rajat Ghosh)

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