My name is Pramod Saha,
I’m a photographer.

Photography is not just an art for me, but it is a passion and a medium where I rediscover myself – my inner being. My pictures give expression to my thoughts and feelings. Each picture is carefully selected, developed and given life so as to speak for itself. I am sure you will enjoy seeing these pictures. Thank you for visiting my page.

I am Pramod Saha a 27 years old photographer and filmmaker from Odisha.  I did my Post Graduation from Xavier Institute of Communication (XIC) in Film and Television Production. After the completion of my post graduation, I started working in different media production industries in different parts of India. I started my career as a freelance photographer/cinematographer for many companies and production houses , then I worked as a producer for Raasta Studios in Hyderabad and presently I am working as a Lecturer for Xavier University Bhubaneswar in Xavier School of Communications in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. The transition from photography to cinematography, and then as a producer was very natural to me. It happened as an application of photography.  I have led many projects for many big companies 

With a wide range of experience in the industry, I have learnt how to handle various shoots in various scenarios. I have a tremendous passion for photography and have a good knowledge of photography, cinematography. I love teaching the same to others. 



LECTURER (Xavier University Bhubaneswar : July 1, 2019 to present

Work experience in Industry as a Producer/ DIRECTOR (RAASTA STUDIOS) : June 2019 to Nov 2017

Project Lead/Director:

Theatre screening

  • IKEA-Documented & Promotional film for theatre screening
  • Hyderabad 10k Run– Promotional film for theatre screening

International Companies

  • IKEA– Promotional / Documentation Film
  • Microsoft– Promotional Film
  • International Blockchain Congress– Corporate Film
  • Slush– Promotional Film
  • Facebook– Promotional Film
  • Unity– Promotional Fil


National Companies

    • Teach for India– Documented Film
    • Maker Faire– Corporate Film
    • MapmyGenome– Ad Film
    • Mytrah– Documentary
    • Shutter Gears– Promotional Film
    • Telangana Hub– Promotional projects
    • Hero Motocorp– Promotional Film
    • HSBC– Promotional Film
    • OTIS-Promotional Film
    • ïRich Foundation-Promotional Film
    • IIIT- Promotional Film
    • ISB-Promotional Film
    • Thermax- Promotional Film
    • UTS- Promotional Film

      Mentor/Trainer for Raasta Studio

Work experience in Industry as a cinematographer

  • FREELANCING AS A CINEMATOGRAPHER (June 2015 – November 2016)
    • Crackpot Productions


GARNISH AND SAVOUR- FOOD COMPANY: Garnish and Savour- Kitten and Puppy Films

(RAASTA STUDIOS) – HYDERABAD: June 2019 to Nov 2017

    • Cinematograher:
      • TCS- Corporate Film
      • HIL- Corporate Film
      • IKEA- Corporate Film
      • Hysea- Corporate Film
      • BIo Asia- Corporate Film
      • Teach For India- Documentary Film
      • Thub- Corporate Films

College Projects/ Internship – Xavier Institute of Communications

  • DOCUMENTARY- Director/ Cinematographer
    • Prastara Manaba (Man of Stone), a documentary on the ban on mining and its effect on the labor population of Nilgiri, Balasore, Odisha.
    • “SHAME”, a short-film on the story of a witness of a murder
    • “Kashmakash” , a short film.
    • “HUMAN TRAFFICKING”, a short-documentary for News Feature, which also won the award for the best documentary in a documentary film festival in Hyderabad.
    • “ THIRST”, drama (camera person, set designer)
    • “GAME OF LUCK”, game-show (cameraperson)
    • “SNOOKER WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP” , (Asst. to cameraperson under Rajat Ghosh)
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