Remuna is famous for brass and bell metal utensils. Brass utensils are made with the help of an alloy of copper and zinc, whereas bell metal is the composition of tin, bronze and some zinc and lead. This mixture of metal called bell metal or “KANSA” is an extensive use in manufacturing household utensils.

These copper and bronze utensils are generally used in temples in Odisha and mostly tribal extensively used these utensils.

 The local artisans have been doing this for ages and selling them in the local market and exporting to other places.

The story belongs to Domborudhara Bindhani and his family and he is popularly known as Chandru in his locality.  He dropped his school in 1885 and start learning this art from his father and grandfather. It took him almost 5 years to learn this art. He has been doing this last 34 years. He has one son only who is studying in 7th standard right now. Now they send them to hostel because during the making process it makes lots of noise and he couldn’t study properly at home. 

Chandru doesn’t want his son to continue this work because already the raw materials are not available and they don’t get paid properly for their hard work. The products are already considered as an antic.  To make each products it takes almost one day and it’s very hard job which I realised during my visit to their location.

One of the interesting fact I came across that the brass and bell metal utensils are good for health. If you are eating with these utensils it will keep you away from stomach problems. 

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